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Cher Roller Skating

This sexy exotic costume roller Skating game is a fantastic addition to each collection of games, with original 35 mm transparency, this game is a must-have for any roller Skating fans’ collection.

Cher Roller Skating Amazon

Cher roller Skating on the track with her friends, she and her friends are playing rollerskating and this photo is from her and her friends playing rollerskating. This is a slide movie of Cher on roller skates, it is original 35 mm transparency slide. You can see how she swings her skates and the sensations that are created, Cher disco roller Skating in new york 1979 is the best roller-skates. Biz promo pic text in the text, this image is of a person roller Skating in new york city, and it is a beautiful sight. The person is a few different kinds of clothes, and they are all eating up the air on the track, it is an amazing sight to see. This issues from the vintage magazine and issues with a black and white image of Skating on a surface, the issue is and grants the text "cher roller Skating on a surface" on the front and back cover. There is a small amount of dust and only a few pages of the magazine are left, this is a very good issue with no problems.