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Fort Wayne Roller Skating

Introducing the Fort Wayne roller Skating rink! This amazing facility was built in the heart of Fort wayne, indiana and is superb for all your roller Skating needs, whether you're digging to come out and play with your friends or take the experience to the next level, the roller Skating rink is an unequaled place to go. Plus, we patches to help you on your show.

Indiana Roller Skating Rinks

This is a vintage roller Skating rink in Fort wayne, it grants been in the hand of the Fort Skating rink family for over 50 years now and still operates as a private Skating rink, the floor is of different sizes and it always cleaned. The room grants a feature of a "v" at the bottom right side that is supposed to represent the vastness of time, the room also extends a feature that is the Fort Wayne bells Skating rink. The 1930-50 s bells rink in Fort wayne, indiana was a popular roller Skating location, the building that stands now was the location of the first roller Skating rink in the united states. In the building's owner, harry bell, created the first modern roller Skating rink, which was open to the public, the bells rink was the location for many classic roller Skating shows such as the olympics. In 1938, the rink was known as the harry bell rink after his original location on state street in Fort wayne, the bells rink was until recently a popular spot for roller Skating in the area. The 1940 s bells roller Skating rink in Fort wayne, indiana was built in 1940 and is currently one of the most popular roller Skating facilities in the united states, the facility imparts a large variety of skaters from all over the world who come to enjoy a good Skating session or session. The Fort Wayne roller Skating rink is a terrific place to enjoy a sunny day or a cold one, this is a beautiful vintage roller Skating rink in Fort wayne, it is approximately 40 years old and grants been in use since 1940. The rink is located in the heart of the Fort Wayne neighborhood, it is an exceptional place to spend a day or two roller skating.