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Minnie Mouse Roller Skating Doll

This mickey Mouse roller Skating Doll is a must-have for any disney junior set! She comes with an 16, 5 Doll that includes a cute little head and beautiful wheels! This Doll can go fast and slow, and is terrific for any disney junior set.

Sings And Talks Lot

Roller Skating Minnie Mouse Dolls

By Disney Jr / Just Play, LLC


Disney JR NIB Super Roller Skating Minnie Mouse DOLL SINGS TALKS BOW TWINKLE NEW

Super Roller Skating Minnie

This little girl is having so much fun roller Skating in her new sets! Minnie is speaking about joy of Skating and how it's one of the most fun she presents ever had, her partners are disney junior skates and other players are listening to hear what she grants to say. These disney jr, super roller-skating Minnie Mouse toy 17 talks sings lights skates. Is a top-grade surrogate for your little one to learn about disney jr, brand and some of the exciting new products that are coming out for the 2022 season. This particular set of skates includes a Minnie Mouse toy and some pretty cool lights so your little one can start off by playing with the Minnie Mouse toy and then when they are done with that they can take to the skates and play with their friends or family, the blue and green lights will keep them entertained until they are old enough to take to the ice and play with their friends. This plush Doll of Minnie Mouse is valuable for any enthusiast of disney movies and tv, she twirls and roller on her twill spinning skates in your living room, making an unequaled addition to your roller Skating set-up. The Minnie Mouse style of this roller skate is unique and stylish, and her singing talks skates make her just the right amount of this is a fun and exciting surrogate to learn basic Skating skills! The Minnie Mouse Doll takes the place of her mother, the skater, and other children in the audience, the Doll talks, sings, and lights up when she is enjoying a song. The lightbulb at the top of the doll's terminal lights up when she sings about having a good time, this toy is a top-grade substitute for children to learn basic Skating skills.