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Powell Bones Elite Roller Skate Wheels

These Wheels are the perfect fit for your foot's needs, they're made of leather and have a high-indexing system that makes it easy to move the feet. They're also adjustable, so you can customize the level of motion for your feet, these Wheels are black, red, and blue.

Cheap Powell Bones Elite Roller Skate Wheels

These shoes are the perfect mix of stylish and functional, with their Powell Bones Elite wheels, these Skate Wheels are the perfect mix of stylish and functional. These high-quality Wheels are made with leather so you can feel good about where your money's going, the polished design with white shoes is sure to make a statement. The boots are also versatile for other types of skating, such as inline skating, ice skating, and more, these Powell Bones Elite Wheels are perfect for a professional roller Skate style experience. Made from leather, they have a white paintball look to them and a small black number after the they are great choice for brands such as adidas, nike, and to get a little more performance out of your skateboards, the boots are from the line Powell Bones and they come with a set of roller skates with Powell Bones Elite wheels. These Wheels are perfect size for any skater out there.