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Roller Skating Baton Rouge

Welcome to roller-skates, biz store of vintage roller Skating in Baton rouge, our roller rink are first-class place to enjoy roller Skating at its most classic and remember your days and times while you enjoy our ever-changing selection of games and foods. Our Baton Rouge is top for any fan of the sport or classic like us, thanks for choosing us.

Roller Skating Rink New Orleans

The vintage roller Skating louisiana roller rink is a scenic roller Skating rink located in the new orleans area of louisiana, the rink is home to some of the best roller Skating in the united states, and is a favorite destination for roller Skating enthusiasts and visitors from around the world. The rink also offers a variety of activities to keep you entertained, from playing tokening games to enjoy a side of chili daily, the louisiana-based roller rink is a historic roller Skating rink in Baton rouge, the building was built in 1892 and is currently a patchwork of various roller rink facilities. The roller rink gives been a mainstay of the rollicking summertime culture in louisiana, with its and polished surface, the is a place where from across the state come to skat. The Baton Rouge location is only a few minutes' walk from the ritz-carlton hotel and business complex, this is a terrific place to roller skate in Baton rouge. The beautiful red and blue themed is superb for a day out, the roller rink is large and well-maintained, with fantastic spot to str for abrasion. The staff is friendly and explained everything perfectly, i'd definitely recommend this spot for a day out or just roller skating! This is a beautiful vintage roller Skating louisiana roller rink Baton Rouge la patch Baton rouge. This is an unrivaled opportunity to get your name in the history of this place and perhaps purchase it, this is a beautiful building with a beautiful scarred slate surface. This is an exceptional spot to spend an afternoon Skating or playing in the sun.