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Roller Skating Canton

Welcome to the world of roller Skating Canton ohio! We bring the history, culture, and nightlife of ohio's capital to you in all it and beauty! The roller Skating courts and park are exceptional setting for any event, while the winding main street and lively areas of the town are top place to stay and visit during your stay in Canton ohio.

Roller Skating In Canton

The music box roller rink is a world-renowned roller Skating complex with its own set of art deco features, the complex is located in the financial district of canton, and is home to many a roller Skating fan who can enjoy the always up-to-date scene in this location. The music box is in like manner one of the most prominent roller Skating complexes in the area, and is well-known for its high-quality amusement park roller Skating experiences, this is a vintage roller Skating rink in ohio, located in the town of canton, in the town of patch. The rink was built in 1984, and serves as the main source of income for the Canton roller Skating community, it is a fantastic place to roller skate, and the people who use the rink are some of the best in the business. The company was founded by dr, and mrs. Canton, the music box was originally their Skating room which was down the street from the paper shop. It was bought by dr, Canton in 1945 and became their personal roller Skating rink. It remained theirs and finally open as a roller Skating complex and spa from 1951 until it closed in 2001, this is a monitor collection roller Skating Canton skaters. It contains 9 pieces of art nouveau design, the label says "music box roller rink Canton great art deco roller Skating label it is a clockwise wheel design with a small black number at the center of the wheel. The wheels are in best-in-class condition with no losses, the skaters are closed in the front. There is on the back of the skaters, they are complete with very day-to-day wear and tear. They are few days old so they are not in as good of condition as they should be, they are bit on the heavy side so price is $75.