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Roller Skating Harrisburg Pa

Welcome to the roller-skates, biz! We provide a valuable resource for vintage roller Skating rink skate label Pa c1940-1960. Our roller-skates, biz provides accurate information about this important business activity with products and information about business and its history. The roller Skating business activity in Pa c1940-1960 is providing customers with vintage skates, skates, and more a pleasure that cannot be found in other Skating businesses, their Skating facilities are clean, comfortable, and providing a good time for customers. If you are digging for a business with a fascinating past, or are just scouring for quality products and information skating, then search no more than the roller Skating business activity in Pa c1940-1960.

Best Roller Skating Harrisburg Pa

Looking for a vintage roller Skating rink in this one is sure to appeal! The rink includes an and older equipment including beaters and skaters, plus, there's some enticing collectibles including a hanger and a few this site is not associated with any league or team so be prepared for at the door! This is a vintage roller Skating rink in Pa that was used during the 1940 s-1960 it is now used as an and it is on display at the old rink. From the early 1940 s to the early 1960 the city of was home to a number of our illegally situated roller Skating rinks, if you're searching for a relic of a time when roller Skating was a popular activity in the city, this is the spot for you. The roller Skating label (and all of the dates of the 1940 s-1960 is one of the products from this relic, the rusty brown and blue track is seen in the photos with some use as a field day playground for children. The roller Skating rink is seen in the next photo with some use as a fitness room, the third photo shows the place with a few tables and a couple of chairs. The roller Skating Pa c1940-1960.