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Roller Skating Palm Springs

Looking for a classic-looking roller Skating rink in Palm springs? Look no further than the 1930 s-50 s Palm Springs ca roller Skating label, this old-school rink has an unique design that allows users to skate on a raised surface, rather than the traditional track. Plus, the tactile sensation of a modern-day roller Skating rink will amaze you.

Roller Skating Palm Springs Ebay

This 1930 s-50 s label for a roller Skating track in Palm springs, ca is a beautiful contrast to the modern day world, the blue and white floret-like leaves of the Palm trees give the track a warm and atmosphere, while the white students’ names and years on the track are still visible on the wall in the background. The track is also easily visible in the photo, as is the track & return sign, this is a beautiful and iconic Palm Springs schedule of a decades-old sport that is now becoming a popular choice for those who love the a- deluxe. This 1930 s-50 s Palm Springs ca roller Skating label is a great addition to any room, the label is made out of silver over-the-line skin adhesive and has an era-appropriate list of tags including, "b7, " "1930, " "1935, " "1986, " "1991, " and "1997. " this 1930 s-50 s Palm Springs ca roller Skating label is from a business called "the skatingceptionist", they would usually distribute spineless cream puffs called "roller Skating palms. " this is an 1930 s-50 s label on a Palm Springs ca roller skate, the label is made up of 7 unique numbers s-1940 1950 s-60 1970 s-80 100 s-9999, etc. ): etc, this roller Skating label is unique and will be a classic features item for anyone in the Palm Springs ca area.