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Roller Skating Barbie

Looking for a fun and exciting roller Skating experience? Look no further than the roller Skating Barbie outfit only line! This line offers an exciting and unique alternative for girls age 10 and up, the outfit only line offers cool colors and styles for girls to choose from, so she can be like brand new with her Skating experience. Plus, the outfit only line is sure to get her excited about skating.

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Barbie Roller Skates Doll

These Barbie roller skates doll with their own set of skates is fantastic for your doll that loves to skate! You can add your own fashion sense and personality to your doll's look, these roller skates dolls are made with beautiful materials and are beneficial addition to your doll's set. This vintage roller Skating super star Barbie doll outfit from mattel is from the 1880 it offers a more modern look and feel to it, this doll is sensational for a new year's pose or a simple 2022 year young development soirée. The 30 inch tall roller Skating Barbie doll is manufactured of high quality plastic and presents a very modern look, she effortless to clean with a simple cleaning process. This roller Skating Barbie doll is top-of-the-heap for your next pose or your next little Barbie development, this is a classic 80's-era roller Skating doll! She is air-tight and comes with a soft history book! She is hoddy and bargain! She is conjointly missing her red hair and her number "5" on her mystical dress. But she's still a beautiful toy! The mattel hot midge doll is a cool doll that is fabricated with admiration by mattel, she is friendly and concedes that she is slow, but she is additionally capable of many things that Barbie cannot. Her ice skates and roller blades help her survive anything she meets in her world, and she always happy to help with her friend's needs.