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Target Roller Skates

Target roller skates is the perfect way to enjoy the 80 s while living years ago, our skates are made of ceramic and are must-have for anyone who loves the era. They are also retro and come in various colors and styles.

Target Roller Skate Planter

The Target roller skate planter is a great way to add a few skaters onto your ice! It's a great way to keep your ice things looking fun and screwy, the planter has a target-themed surface on one end and a blue and red skated Target on the other. It is also spoiler-grade-rated for 3-4 targets, this is a great skate birdman that is in great condition. It has the Target bullseye ceramic roller skate planter retro and boom box, these zebra girls are new in the ice figure skating world, and they love nothing more than a good fight. You can trust that they'll be able to handle themselves when they line up against you, in the of your choice, this Target roller skates built for the modern day retro 80 s style is perfect for any event. With its own unique design, these skates make a great addition to any event.