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Motorised Roller Skates

Motorized roller skate is an unique and exciting substitute to enjoy a game of roller skating! These skates are different from other roller skates in that they are made of sturdy materials that can be moved around on the ground, making it feel like you're roller skating them skates also have a built in wheel that allows you to change the speed and direction of your motion, making it all about your favorite songs.

Drift Roller Skates

This is a beautiful motorized roller skating doll that imparts been an old-time favorite for antiques roadside people, this doll is 18 tall and she is still in good condition. She offers a well-made body and a very comfortable feel to her, she is a good value too - she costs less than $10. She is an excellent addition to collection! These motorized roller skating dolls were made from old skates, they are old-fashioned skated dolls that have taken their place in the industry thanks to the technology and evolution of skated doll design. These dolls are 18 tall and are made from high-quality black leather, they have comfortable handlebar skates and a high-quality motorized bearing system. These roller skating dolls are excellent addition to all home entertainment room or doll house, the falls daily tribune published an advertisement for motorized roller skates on jan the skaters were needed for the world's first skating team. The ad says that the skaters can move with the wind and be more agile than any other skating device, the dlx blue motorized roller skates are unrivaled alternative to enjoy the sports world without having to take off your clothes. These skates are lighted with a durable, durable battery, they come with two pairs of jettisons and a heel wheel. They are also an outstanding surrogate to celebrate or enjoy your sports journey.