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Moxi Jungle Leopard Roller Skates

These are valuable surrogate to get your game on in the jungle, they come in a set, and are very easily available at the ready. They look sterling with any clothing from the jungle, and are first-class for any activity or game.

Moxi Jungle Roller Skate

These Jungle roller skates are unrivaled addition to your skates collection! They are new in box and are 8, 5-9 in size. They are shades of pink and green and look great! The heels are made of high quality rubber and the wheels are also high quality, durable, and give an unequaled ride, these skate boards are top-notch value for the price you pay and are sure to give you the experience you need and want. These roller skates are new in box and are pave Leopard wheeled, they have a jumbled up design with skated wheels and jaunty dusters. The toes are set at a slightly too high level which does from time to time, but overall they are perch and a skated rock. With their jungle-inspired design, these skates will help you get where you want to go quickly, with a stylish pink hue, they are top alternative for people searching for an unique look. These skates are also straightforward to clean, making them top grade for any ice skate enthusiast, the - Jungle Leopard print outdoor roller skates are beneficial for a sunny day in the jungle! They are made from durable materials that will last and provide you with enough clearance to avoid obstacles. Plus, the green and black color scheme is sure to look good with any outfit.