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Roller Skating Fairhaven

This roller Skating store is located in the 1930 s in fair haven, the store is a b7 style label, and features mickey dunn fair haven mich, roller Skating items.

Best Roller Skating Fairhaven

This 1930-50 s mickey dunn fair haven mich, roller Skating label is an unrivaled addition to each home roller Skating game. The label is produced out of simple yellow paperboard with "mickey dunn" printed in the center and the number of tokens written out for each, the roll of tokens is about 30 inches in circumference and renders been cut into small pieces that are bound together with a bow. This piece is sure to add excitement and excitement to your roller Skating game, roller Skating label is an amazing it is manufactured of metal and is definitely an unique element for any roller Skating set-up. It is in like manner straightforward to determine its history because of the plastic cover on the front of the label, this roller Skating equipment was not only used by itself but also been used by its author, mickey dunn, from fair haven, michigan. The mickey dunn fair haven mich, roller Skating label is an unique piece of equipment that was used by him and also helped to kins and rink rats. The brand new Fairhaven rink is now an outstanding place to enjoy a cold drink or two, while digging at updates of the mickey dunn art gallery on the north end, the memorable ads for the fair haven rink date back to only a few months after the building itself. This is a top-grade addition to each rink collection, or to handle as a source of inspiration for new displays, heavy print with a nice, comfortable fit. The text on the label is in a great, heavy, blocky font that is sure to look from timers with a smile.